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Tallyho Cleopatra CPSNZ RM208

foaled 3/10/05
Sire: Glenormiston Jasper
Dam: Sally (TB)

Chocolate brown connemara x tb mare. Annual height certificate 148cm. Cleo will be a great eventer, showjumper for a competent young rider. She is good to hack out around the farm both alone and in a group.

Tallyho The Joker

Foaled: 4/12/03
Sire: Glenormiston Jasper
Dam: Ridgeway Pendant (M31)

Grey Purebred gelding, 142cm. Has hunted, ODE, SJ and endurance raced. An allround good guy!

Presently on lease.

Tallyho Primrose (CPSNZ F080)

foaled 02/10/07
Sire: Liss Tara Ganty Gold (CPSNZ S18)
Dam: Ridgeway Pendant (CPSNZ M31)

14.2hh purebred connemara mare. A real character, tons of personality here! From line of great jumping ponies.

Tallyho Scoundrel CPSNZ F043

foaled 26/12/2009
Sire: Tallyho Neptune CPSNZ F043
Dam: Tallyho Maybelline CPSNZ PM148

14.2hh ¾ connemara ¼ TB pony. Dam was a very successful SJ pony, sire now gelded and competing successfully as well. This pony has the breeding to be a one in a million superstar. Broken to saddle and lightly ridden during the winter 2012 as a 2 year old.

Tallyho Reuben James CPSNZ F043

foaled 08/11/2009
Sire: Liss Tara Ganty Gold CPSNZ S18
Dam: Tallyho Diva CPSNZ PM126

Grey 7/8 connemara 1/8 arab gelding to mature 14.2hh. To be started under saddle spring/summer 2012.

Tallyho Madonna CPSNZ RM208

foaled 16/10/2009
Sire: Liss Tara Ganty Gold CPSNZ S18
Dam: Ridgeway Kilkieran CPSNZ PM88

Grey ¾ connemara ¼ arab filly to mature 14.2hh. Half sister to GP SJ pony Tallyho Maestro. To be started under saddle spring/summer 2012.

Tallyho Dakota (CPSNZ PM196)
foaled 25/09/07
Sire: Liss Tara Ganty Gold (Connemara)
Dam: Spread Your Wings (TB)

Grey partbred filly, to mature approx 15.3hh. Comes from a good hunting mare. Due to injury now a broodmare prospect only.





Tallyho Melody

DOB: 2011
Sire: Liss Tara Ganty Gold CPSNZ S18
Dam: Ridgeway Kilkieran CPSNZ PM88

¾ connemara ¼ arab filly, estimated height at maturity 14.2hh. Full sister to Tallyho Madonna.

Tallyho Japonica

DOB: 2011
Sire: Liss Tara Ganty Gold CPSNZ S18
Dam: Meg of Ridgeway CPSNZ PM

¾ connemara ¼ tb filly, to mature about 14.2hh. Finer boned, very sweet.